Friday, October 23, 2009

Zero Interesting Ways to Use Audio In the Classroom?

Of course, there are interesting ways to use audio in your classroom, but Tom Barrett needs some help generating a list. You see, Tom has started a new series of "Interesting Ways" slideshows. One of the slideshows he just launched is about interesting uses of audio in your classroom. If you have ideas for using audio in the classroom and would like to see those ideas added to the very popular Interesting Ways series, send Tom Barrett an email or send him a message on Twitter.

Below is one of the more popular slideshows from the Interesting Ways series Tom Barrett created.

Applications for Education
Tom Barrett's Interesting Ways series reflects, on a global stage, the idea of collaborating with other teachers to create good lessons. If you're looking for ideas about infusing technology into your lessons, check out the Interesting Ways series started by Tom Barrett.