Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Gallery of Glogs

Glogster, a service that I've written about a few times in the past, is a great way to bring poster projects into the 21st century. Using Glogster students can create multimedia collages about anything. One of Glogster's employees, Jim Dachos (a former Maine teacher) has compiled a great list of examples of Glogster being used in academic settings. Jim has examples covering the whole spectrum of educational applications for Glogster from elementary school through high school. You can see Jim's list here.

Thanks to Lee Kolbert for the link to Jim's list.

Applications for Education
Glogster provides a good way to transition a 20th Century poster project into a 21st Century multimedia project. If you have colleagues that are reluctant to use web-based technology in their classrooms, Glogster can be a good first step for them to take. Share Jim's list with those reluctant colleagues to give them an idea of some the great things kids can do with Glogster.

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