Tuesday, November 10, 2009

PicLits - Inspired Picture Writing

PicLits is an interesting website that aims to provide inspiration for writing short stories. PicLits tries to accomplish this goal by providing users with images upon which they can build their writing. To get writers started, PicLits provides a list of words which can be dragged and dropped into sentence form. If you don't need a word list, you can select the "freestyle" option to begin free-form writing.

The idea of PicLits is not to write a full story within the images, but rather to use the images as the inspiration for longer pieces. Users of PicLits can create a free account in which to save their work.

If you like short personal narratives, make sure you read the about page on PicLits.

Applications for Education
PicLits could be a good source of inspiration for the reluctant writers in your classroom.

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