Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Academic Search Engine RefSeek Announces Updates

RefSeek, an academic search engine that I reviewed last fall, recently announced some nice enhancements to its free service. RefSeek's newest enhancements include an expanded dictionary and thesaurus database, natural mathematics language, and an expanded selection of hand-picked reference materials.

After reading about the enhancements to RefSeek, I did a little searching and found that what I wrote about RefSeek last year is still true. Here's what I wrote then:
The difference between Ref Seek and a generic Google search lies lower than the top results in search returns. As you compare search results between Ref Seek and Google you will find that the second and third pages of search results on Ref Seek contain results that seem to be more "academic" than what is found on the second and third pages of a generic Google search.

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