Monday, December 28, 2009

Kideos - Educational Videos for Kids

Kideos is a video website designed with kids under ten years old in mind. Videos on Kideos are categorized by age appropriateness as well as by topic. Most of the videos appear to be served via YouTube but are displayed with the Kideos border which removes advertising and YouTube's "related videos" and comments.

Thanks to Eric Sheninger for sharing the link to Kideos on Twitter. Eric always has interesting things to share so I highly recommend following him.

Applications for Education
Kideos uses YouTube to serve-up videos so you might not be able to access the videos in schools that block YouTube. That said, if you can access YouTube in your school, Kideos could be a great resource for elementary school classrooms. You might also consider recommnending Kideos to parents when they ask about educational websites they can use at home with their children.

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