Thursday, January 1, 2009

Find Flickr Images by Tag and or Location

Web developer Paul Mison has created a great mash-up tool using Flickr and Google Maps. Where? What? When? allows users to search for Flickr images by tag (keyword), by location, or by using tags and location together. For example, I searched using the tag "hiking" and the location level "continent" to find images of hiking in North America to create the map below. To see the images in the map above I just zoomed-in and clicked on a location.

Where? What? When? uses public images from Flickr, but if you authenticate (sign into your Flickr account) you can create a map of your own images.

Applications for Education
Where? What? When? could be a good tool for students to find images for slide shows or Animoto videos as many images on Flickr are tagged with Creative Commons licensing. Where? What? When? could also be an interesting way to look at what types of activities are frequently photographed in different parts of the world. For example, if you looked at the map in the screen capture above, it looks like very few photographs are taken while hiking in the Midwest, but many photographs are taken while hiking in the Northeast.

Unigo - College Reviews and Planning Advice from Students

Unigo is a very good college review website. In fact, I think it's the best one I've seen since I started this blog. Unigo relies on huge database of student generated content for college reviews. Unigo has reviews written by students as well as video content. The value of Unigo extends beyond college reviews to first-hand accounts of mistakes made and lessons learned in the first year of college. Finally, as you might expect, Unigo has a social networking aspect through which current students and future students can connect.

The video below, shot by Allen Stern of Center Networks, is an interview with Unigo's founder in which he explains how the service was started and what the service does. The value of the video extends beyond an explanation of Unigo. The founder, Jordan Goldman, explains why he feels that a liberal arts degree has helped him in business.

Applications for Education
Unigo is a great place for students to find first-hand reviews of more than 250 colleges in the United States. As Jordan Goldman said in the video above, the reviews are not always just the good things about a particular college. Some of the reviews, created by current students, do share negative experiences. This is a good thing as it allows potential students to see more than just the "viewbook" review that some college review services offer.

The video interview with Jordan Goldman could be a good resource for high school business teachers to share with their students. In the interview Goldman explains how he started his business.

Here are some other college review services that I've shared in the last year.
University Parent Connection
College Crunch
The U - College Campus Reviews by Students
Ask About College

Free US History Slide Shows, Maps, and Worksheets

I'll start the New Year by sharing two resources for US History teachers. I've recently found a page of free slide shows, videos, and reproducible hand-outs from Multi Media Learning. Multi Media Learning is primarily a paid service, but one page is dedicated to free resources. You can access the free resources here.

The other US History resource that I recently found comes to us through the US History Teachers Blog. The US History Teachers Blog posted a link to a website where teachers can find a slide show to accompany every chapter of the The American Pageant textbook. This is a good time to mention that the US History Teachers Blog is a great place to find other slide shows, videos, and more resources for teaching US History. If you're a US History teacher, check it out.