Thursday, January 8, 2009

Googlepedia - Wikipedia and Google Side by Side

Googlepedia is a Firefox add-on that allows users to see Google search results side by side with Wikipedia entries. To use Googlepedia simply enter a search term in Google and if there are matching Wikipedia entries they will appear on the right hand side of your browser window.

Applications for Education
Googlepedia could be a handy tool for students to use when they are starting a research assignment. Typically when students Google a generic academic term some of the first results are Wikipedia entries. By using Googlepedia students can read those Wikipedia entries while also previewing other results.

Three Reflective Journal Forms Found on Docstoc

Today, Twitterer gwoodill posted a link to a reflective journal form on Docstoc. Docstoc is like YouTube for documents. After looking at the reflective journal form posted by gwoodill, I did a little searching for other reflective journal forms appropriate for student use and found a couple. You can view all three forms here, here, and here. I have embedded one of the forms below.

Reflective journal - Get more College Essays

Applications for Education
These forms vary in complexity with the one above being appropriate for elementary school and middle school use and the others being suited for older students.

Docstoc, as well as the similar Scribd service, is a good place to find a wide variety of outline and flow chart forms to be used as teaching materials.

Resize Images Without Downloading Any Software

Resize Image is a simple web-based tool for resizing images. You do not have to create an account or provide any type of information in order to use Resize Image. Simply upload an image, select the size that you would like it to be, click "save changes" and Resize Image does the rest. Once your image is resized you have the option of downloading it to your computer, cropping it, or resizing it again. Resize Image accepts JPEG and PNG files. The service is quick even with very large, high definition images.

Applications for Education
Resize Image is a fast, free tool for students to use to resize images for inclusion in digital presentations. The user interface is simple and straight forward enough that elementary school students can learn to use it quickly.

Send a Twitter Message from Your URL Toolbar

This tip from Tekzilla isn't so much for students as it is for busy teachers that are addicted to Twitter. In this short, two minute, video you will learn how to send a Twitter message from your browser's url toolbar. Below the video I have posted some ideas about using Twitter for teaching and professional learning.

Applications for Education
Here are three popular posts I've written in the past about using Twitter as a professional learning resource and as a teaching resource.

What is Twitter? Using Twitter for Teaching
Ten Teachers to Follow on Twitter
A Great Twitter Resource for Writing Teachers

Take a Field Trip to a Free Museum

In this current economy school districts around the country are trying to cut costs wherever they can. Often one of the first budget items to get cut is field trip expenditures. Therefore, teachers who would like to take students on field trips have to find ways to do it on the cheap. This morning I found a resource, through Fred Delventhal's blog, that can help teachers find museums to which they can take their students for free. Free Museums is a wiki listing museums that offer free admission. The wiki is arranged by state and is accompanied by a key indicating the conditions of free admission to each museum. Links to each museum are provided in the list.