Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inside the Secret Service and Air Force One

Snag Films, the free documentary host, has two National Geographic documentaries that may be of interest to Social Studies teachers. Inside the Secret Service and Air Force One give viewers a behind the scenes look at the President's security detail. I have embedded Air Force One below and you can watch Inside the Secret Service here.

Applications for Education
Both of these movies could be of interest to Social Studies teachers or law enforcement/ criminal justice classes like those that my district's tech school offers.

The Inauguration in 60 Seconds

I know I said this morning that I was done posting resources about the inauguration, but this one is so short that it almost doesn't count. Mahalo Daily has a 60 second summary of yesterday's inauguration ceremony. If you have a minute, check it out.

Zoho Notebook Adds an Import Option

After last week's announcement that Google is shutting down Google Notebook people on Twitter and elsewhere started talking about using Zoho Notebook as a replacement. In response to those conversations I put together a short screencast about moving the contents of Google Notebook into Zoho Notebook. The process I shared is less than perfect, but it works.

Today, Zoho announced the launch of an official import from Google Notebook option for Zoho Notebook users. I gave it a try just a few minutes ago and it worked well. In order to use the import option you do have to install the new Zoho Notebook plug-in for Firefox. The new Zoho Notebook plug-in is much much better than the old plug-in. The new plug-in operates almost identically to Google Notebook plug-in. Click here to read all of the detail about the new Zoho Notebook options including directions for using the new features.

Applications for Education
These new features from Zoho are perfect for teachers that were scrambling to find Google Notebook replacements for themselves or for their students.

For other ideas about Google Notebook replacements please see the comments posted in response to last week's Google Notebook shut-down announcement.

The Last Post About the Inauguration

By now, I'm sure you've seen no less than 100 educationally useful resources for teaching about yesterday's inauguration of Barack Obama. Therefore, this will probably be my last post on the topic.
Today's CNN Student News is about yesterday's inauguration. The video features highlights of Obama's inaugural address, images of the day, comparisons to past Presidents, and a look at the PhotoSynth technology used to create 3D images of the day.