Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Docuter - Online Document Sharing

Docuter is a free service that allows users to store and share large documents. Docuter claims to support 200 different document and image formats. Docuter is similar to the Scribd document hosting and sharing service that I have previously reviewed. Just as Scribd does, Docuter makes it possible to easily embed documents into your blog or website. Unlike Scribd Docuter doesn't have an easily searchable gallery of shared documents.

Applications for Education
Docuter and Scribd make it possible to embed documents, including PDFs, into your blog or website. Being able to embed a document is good for sharing lecture notes or outlines with students.

Docuter is also a good place for students to create a portfolio of their writings which they can selectively share with others or share with world by embedding their documents in a blog.

Kitzu - Find, Learn, Create

Kitzu is a resource for copyright friendly digital resources that students can use to create digital projects. Kitzu provides "kits" of images, videos, documents, and audio clips organized thematically. You can browse the Kitzu kits by subject and by grade level.

Thanks to Coachburk on Twitter for the Kitzu link.

Applications for Education
Kitzu offers nice collections of digital resources for students to use in the creation of presentations. Some of the Kitzu kits also contain resources that teachers will find useful when creating lesson plans and activities for students.

Environmental Graffiti - Excellent Images of the World

Environmental Graffiti is a good website for environmental science and or geography teachers to explore. Environmental Graffiti has good articles about environmental science matters, but what really caught my attention was the image collections on the site. Today's featured image collection is the 12 Most Incredible Crater Lakes on Earth. The collection includes images of the lakes accompanied by a short story about each lake including a description of each lake's dimensions and a description of how each lake was formed.

Lizzer - A Handy Tool for Student Blogging

Lizzer is a new service that has great potential as a resource for students that are blogging or creating digital portfolios. Lizzer is a Firefox bookmarklet that allows you to search for pictures, videos, documents, and websites without having to leave your blog editor. Once the Lizzer bookmarklet is installed simply click on it anytime you need to find additional media to add to your blog post. Lizzer operates as a small multi-media search engine that you place anywhere within your broswer window. To find material through Lizzer, enter your search term and select the type of media for which you're searching. When you've found what you're looking for, simply drag it into the blog post you're working on. The image below demonstrates the Lizzer bookmarklet in action.

Lizzer works with most blogging platforms including Edublogs (I just checked) and most email services including GMail, Hotmail, and Yahoo email.

Applications for Education
Lizzer could be a great little tool to have installed when your students are creating blogs. Lizzer allows students to stay within their blogging platform while finding images, videos, and links to include in their blog posts.

Show USA - Customized Maps of the United States

Show USA is a great map service produced by the same people that brought us Show World. Show USA has five categories of data from which you can choose a data set to be represented on a map. The regions and states on the map change size based on the data set selected. For example, if you choose "population over 65" the map makes California and Florida large while shrinking the size of Montana and Wyoming.

You can access both Show USA and Show World here.

Applications for Education
Show USA and Show World are good reference tools and good tools for creating visual representations of demographic, economic, and scientific data.