Thursday, February 19, 2009

Slide Map - Photos of the World on a Map of the World

Slide Map is a mashup of Flickr photos and a Yahoo map. Slide Map makes it easy to find images of countries and cities. To use Slide Map select a country from the drop down menus, when your selected country's map loads simply place your mouse over a tag on the map and images connected to that tag appear.

Applications for Education
Slide Map is a good resource for Geography teachers and students. Instead of relying on selected images in a book to examples of a coutnry's physical and human geography, you can quickly access an ever expanding collection of images on Slide Map.

Kideo - Kid Safe YouTube Video Player

Finding kid safe videos on YouTube can be a time consuming process. Kideo Player makes it easier to locate videos appropriate for students in pre-K through second grade. Kideo Player plays a continuous stream of videos for pre-K through second grade students. When a video you like is playing, click on the the YouTube icon and you will be taken to the original YouTube source where you can find out more about each video and grab the embed code. Clicking your keyboard's space bar allows you to skip ahead in the video clips.

Applications for Education
As mentioned above, Kideo Player is a good resource for pre-K through second grade videos. Some of the videos have educational value like the "ABC's" video while other videos are more of a children's entertainment style of video.

Thanks to Silvia Tolisano's Langwitches blog for the link to Kideo Player.

Thank You Guest Bloggers!

I returned from ice fishing vacation yesterday and almost immediately turned on my computer to check on this blog (it is my baby after all). As you know, while I was away I turned the blog over to a host of guest bloggers. That was the first time that I ever had guest bloggers so I was excited to what would happen. The quality of the blog entries from each guest blogger was simply amazing! The feedback from comments on the blog, comments on Twitter, and comments via email is overwhelmingly positive. Thank you to each of my guest bloggers. I encourage readers to check out the blogs and websites of each of the guest bloggers which can be found in the list below.

Colin Becker: We Can Work IT Out
Lorna Costantini: Our School (Parents as Partners)
Janet Bianchini: Janet's Abruzzo Edublog
Hedy Laverdiere: Mrs. L's Rocket Launchers
Amy Meyer: UR English Teacher's Blog
Clay Reisler: Recess Duty
Becky Herl: Small Town Tech
Cyndi Danner-Kuhn: Cyndi's Education Technology Place
Ramses: Spanish Only
Kim Caise: Kim's Ventures in Educational Technology

Thank you again to all of the great guest bloggers on Free Technology for Teachers.

Skim Articles Quickly on NY Times Article Skimmer

The New York Times has tons of great content everyday, but trying to sort through even a portion of it can be very time consuming. The New York Times now has a new way for readers to browse its content. The New York Times Article Skimmer is a grid of headlines and article stubs that enables you to quickly skim many articles from your choice of sixteen article categories.

Applications for Education
The New York Times Article Skimmer could be a good news resource for high school students. The New York Times Article Skimmer has potential for use not only in a current events curriculum, but also in business courses, science courses, and technology classes as there are sections for each of those topics on the NY Times Article Skimmer.