Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Forward Thinking Museum - Virtual Museum

The Forward Thinking Museum is a virtual art museum containing more than 100 exhibitions and videos. Visitors can view image exhibitions or watch video exhibitions. The content ranges from subjects such as wildlife to architecture to people at work. The Forward Thinking Museum could keep you occupied for hours as you explore all of the exhibits. Visitors navigate through the Forward Thinking Museum by using their mouse or keyboard arrow keys.

Applications for Education
The Forward Thinking Museum could be a great resource for art teachers and art students. The museum could be used as an introduction to photography and videography styles. The Forward Thinking Museum could also be used as the centerpiece of a pairing and sharing activity.

Explore the Cycle of Recycling

Explore the Cycle is a series of short animated videos that explain the cycle of recycling consumer goods. Explore the Cycle explains, in very clear language, how paper, plastic, metal, and glass are recycled. Each video segment can be downloaded or shared via the embed code provided by Explore the Cycle.

Applications for Education
Explore the Cycle is accessible enough for use in elementary schools, but also provides content that could be used with high school students. One way that teachers can use the video is to have students watch the video then make an evaluation of their school's recycling program.