Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nutshell Mail - Consolidate Email Accounts and Track Your Kids' Email

Nutshell Mail is a new service that allows you to consolidate all of your email accounts, Facebook, and Twitter accounts into one centralized service. Nutshell Mail is compatible with the major webmail providers and can be configured to work with most corporate/ academic email services. So that your primary email inbox isn't constantly bombarded with updates you can schedule the frequency and timing of Nutshell updates. Each email you receive from Nutshell Mail will contain the latest updates and notifications from all of your email and social networking services. Nutshell email also allows parents to configure their accounts to receive updates from their children's email accounts.

The video below gives a brief overview of Nutshell Mail.

Applications for Education
Nutshell Mail is one of the services that I will probably start recommending to parents that are looking for methods through which they can monitor their childrent's online behavior.

Here are a couple of related resources in which you might be interested:
ZillaDog - Kid Friendly, Parent Monitored Email
Phishing Detection Education
KidRex - Kid Safe Search

Coal Mining Practices Outlined in Google Earth

In the last couple of weeks I've come across a handful of good resources for teaching about energy creation and energy consumption. My most recent find is a Google Earth tour. The non-profit organization Appalachian Voices has created a narrated Google Earth tour that demonstrates destruction of a coal mining practice known as mountain top removal. You can access the tour here.

Applications for Education
After watching this Google Earth tour you could have students discuss and research alternative mining practices and alternative fuel sources.

A couple of related resources that may be of interest to you are:
NEED - National Energy Education Development
SEREF - Wind and Solar Power Estimation Activities
Planet Green Game
Google Earth Geothermal Resources Layer

The Importance of Play

This TED Talk features Stuart Brown discussing the importance of play for children and for adults. If you have the time to watch it, I highly recommend it. Mr. Brown reminds us and explains to us why playtime is a learning time for children and for adults.

A related resource that you may want to explore is Teaching With TED.