Saturday, March 28, 2009

Free Summer Bowling for Kids

Here's something to pass along to students and parents who are looking for something to do when school ends this spring, free bowling. Kids Bowl Free is a program being run in bowling alleys across the United States. Use the map on the Kids Bowl Free homepage to find a participating bowling alley near you.

Thanks to Fred Delventhal's blog for the link.

Applications for Education
Kids Bowl Free is the type of non-academic information that I like to pass along to parents at parent-teacher conferences. It's also worth linking to your class blog or class website.

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Foreign Language, ESL Resources You Might Have Missed

This is part seven of my "Links You Might Have Missed" series. The previous installments of this series included links in the categories of Math, Science, Language Arts, Geography, Google Earth, and Digital Presentation. Today's installment features resources for teaching foreign languages and resources for ESL/EFL teachers. After reading this list, please visit Larry Ferlazzo's website as he specializes in finding resources appropriate for ESL/EFL students.

Teaching Spanish - Resources and Lesson Plans

2Lingual - The Bilingual Search Engine

Learn Spanish - Lingus TV

Language Exchange Community

Quia Web


We Are Little Amigos

Digital Dialects

Woices - Foreign Language Podcasts Around the World

Nice Translator

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EyePlorer - Visualize Wikipedia and Collect Notes

EyePlorer is an interesting use of Wikipedia that I learned about from Paul Hamilton's excellent blog. EyePlorer is a reference search engine that takes your original search term then displays related terms in a circle around your original search term. Clicking on each related term reveals more information from Wikipedia about that term. If the information is something that you want to save for later use, you can drag the information onto your EyePlorer notebook. The screen capture below is from my EyePlorer search using the term "fishing."

Applications for Education
EyePlorer is a great way for students to see the importance of refining search terms. A broad topic will crowd the EyePlorer circle with related topics. A more specific search term will yield fewer related topic links. If a student is struggling to narrow a research topic, EyePlorer provides suggestions in the form of related topics. The EyePlorer notebook makes it easy for students to keep a record of the information they've found.

When you first visit EyePlorer you may notice that the sidebar comments are in German (at least I think it's German), but don't be turned away, the site functions completely in English.

Here are some related Wikipedia mashups that may be of interest to you:
Visual Wikipedia

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