Friday, April 24, 2009

5 Interesting and Educational Twitter Finds

Here are five of my favorite Twitter finds from today. As always if you have a Twitter gem that you would like to share, please leave a comment.

1. Six Word Stories from @russeltarr
2. 22 Interesting Ways to use Twitter in the Classroom from @tonnet
3. Invention at Play from @dianadell
4. Human Factors and K-12 Education from @ChunkandChew
5. Social Learning and Emerging Technologies from @jackiegerstein

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Week In Review - Most Popular Items

The biggest news of the week is that I will be attending NECC. Thank you to everyone that contributed to the fundraising effort. Thank you to everyone that has subscribed to the blog, shared a link to the blog, or followed me Twitter. Without all of you the reach of Free Technology for Teachers wouldn't be what it is today.

Here are the most popular items of the last seven days.
1. Google News Timeline - Check It Out
2. You Did It! I'll Be a NECC Newbie
3. 7 Interesting and Educational Things on Twitter
4. Play Mad Libs Online
5. 9 Life Lessons from Rock Climbing
6. PBS Launches a New Video Portal
7. Thank You VoiceThread - VoiceThread Highlights

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Think About History Trivia Game

Think About History is a fun trivia game on The object of the game is to cross the playing board by correctly answering a sequence of history trivia questions. The game has multiple levels that get progressively more difficult throughout the game. The questions on Think About History are a mix of video-based and text-based questions. The game can be played as an individual game or a two player game.

Applications for Education
Think About History is one of more than forty history games on Most of the games are based on topics in US History. Some of the games on deal with very specific topics like the Thomas Jefferson Quiz while other games have a more broad appeal.

Here are some related resources that may be of interest to you:
Fling the Teacher - History Quiz Games
Remix America - Make Your Own US History Documentary
Scavenger Hunt Through History

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Hello World - Language Games for Kids

Hello World provides games and activities for students to develop their knowledge of foreign languages. Hello World has games and activities in nine languages including Spanish, French, and Mandarin Chinese. Not all of the games and activities are free, but enough of them are free to warrant listing as a good place for free learning activities.

Applications for Education
The games and activities on Hello World are geared toward younger students at the elementary school level. Students will find games like bingo and word search. Students will also find activities designed to help students learn basic phrases and dialogue.

Here are some related resources that may be of interest to you:
Make Beliefs - Multilingual Comic Strip Creation
Leximo - The World's Multilingual Dictionary
Foreign Language, ESL Resources You Might Have Missed

Schoohoo - Free School Notification System

Schoohoo is a free system for sending text and email alerts to parents, students, and faculty members. Schoohoo can be used to send messages about early dismissals, delayed starts, or meeting times. Schoohoo is available for free to any school regardless of size.

Applications for Education
Schoohoo could be a good way to directly contact parents in the event of change in your school's schedule. The concept is similar to that of the system that I reviewed last fall.

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The Tricki Math Wiki

Tricki is a new wiki for mathematics students. Tricki is a compilation of articles explaining how to solve difficult math problems. Tricki is a relatively new project and anyone is welcome to contribute to it. Most of the articles currently on Tricki deal with the more difficult problems that students are likely to encounter in their junior or senior years of high school or in a college mathematics class.

Here are some related resources that may be of interest to you:
Free Math Worksheets
Ten Problem Solving Games for K-8
Math Links You Might Have Missed

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