Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wikipedia for Schools

Thanks to a comment left on the blog post Wikipedia Beneath the Surface I learned about Wikipedia for Schools. Wikipedia for Schools is a checked, static version of thousands of Wikipedia articles. The articles have been checked for accuracy and suitability for school use. Wikipedia for Schools can be viewed online or downloaded as a complete volume for offline use.

Applications for Education
Wikipedia for Schools could be a good reference resource for teachers who are reluctant to allow students to use Wikipedia for research. Being able to download the entire contents enables students to access the information regardless of Internet access.

Here are some related resources that may be of interest to you:
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Secrets of Success in 8 Words and 3 Minutes

Here's a good motivational TED Talk given by Richard St. John. Mr. St. John interviewed more than 500 successful people to determine what it takes to become successful. This short presentation summarizes his findings. For the mothers reading this, make sure you watch through to the 2 minute mark, I think you'll like Mr. St. John's comment about the role of mothers in success.

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Grade Genie - Share Notes, Win Prizes

Grade Genie is an interesting note-sharing system for college students. Grade Genie lets students upload their course notes for others in their class to see. When students register they identify their college and identify the courses that they are taking. Then anyone that is in the same course can share notes. Each week Grade Genie gives iTunes gift cards to ten users that have uploaded quality notes.

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