Sunday, April 26, 2009

Worio Search - Discover More Search Results

Worio Search is a new service designed to help you find links that you might not otherwise find through a typical Internet search. Worio displays search results from your favorite search engine (Google, Yahoo, or MSN Live) on the left side of your window and a series of related results on the right. Worio also displays suggested search terms related to your original search. You can see some of the results for my search using the term "Battle of Gettysburg."

Applications for Education
I'm a fan of search tools like Worio because they can help students get beyond the first page of Google search results. Worio provides students with results that they might not otherwise see as well as suggestions for search terms that they might not otherwise try.

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Kids Numbers - Learning Math Step by Step

Kids Numbers is a basic mathematics program featured on the Kids Know It Network. Kids Numbers contains a twelve week program for learning addition and subtraction. As a part of the program there are twenty-one games designed for practicing and reinforcing addition and subtraction skills.

Kids Numbers also offers a seventeen week program for learning multiplication and division. Just as in the addition and subtraction program, the multiplication and division program contains games designed for practicing the skills acquired through the training program.

In addition to the basic mathematics training program, Kids Numbers offers some introductory games for pre-Algebra and basic Geometry. Teachers looking to create worksheets can use the free worksheet generator offered by the Kids Know It Network.

Applications for Education
Kids Numbers could be an excellent source of practice and reinforcement activities for elementary school mathematics students. The sequence of activities and games could help teachers differentiate within the classroom as students can work on the lessons and play the games individually. Kids Numbers and the Kids Know It Network are sites that you may want to recommend to parents that are looking for academic websites for their children to use at home.

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