Wednesday, May 13, 2009

TED Talks in 40 Languages

TED, the host of inspiring, engaging, and educational talks has released phase one of an ambitious project that aims to translate all of the talks into 40 languages. This first phase of the project provides English subtitles for every talk. The first phase has 300 talks translated into 40 languages. You can now search for videos by subtitled language. To see the subtitle options on any video simply click the drop down "subtitle" menu just below the play button on each video. Try it now on this Seth Godin video about leadership.

To read all of the details about the new subtitle options and how the subtitling is being done, please visit the TED Open Translation Project.

Applications for Education
My first thought when I read about the TED Open Translation Program was that TED Talks are now available to my hearing impaired student. My second thought was that these videos can now be used in an ESL/ ELL environment.

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LMK Online Safety Tips for Girls

LMK Life Online is a website created for the purpose of educating girls about online safety. LMK Life Online is sponsored by the Girl Scouts and Microsoft. On the site girls can learn through articles and videos about protecting themselves from online predators. Girls will also find lessons about cyberbullying and online privacy. After reading the articles and watching the videos, girls can test their knowledge through interactive quizzes.

Applications for Education
LMK Life Online is a good place for girls to learn about protecting themselves while online. This is a site that I would recommend to parents who are looking for materials to teach their daughters about online safety.

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College Confidential Has Great Info for Students

My school's post-secondary transitions counselor recently told me about College Confidential because she is very impressed by it. College Confidential provides students with a wealth of information and tools for choosing a college, applying to college, and paying for college.

After being accepted and figuring out how to pay for college, students can come back to College Confidential to learn about what to expect in their first year and how to thrive as a new college student. College Confidential has a section called "Ask The Dean" where students can find answers to frequently asked questions like "will my writing be a problem in college?"

College Confidential doesn't leave parents out of the mix. Parents and students can join discussion boards on College Confidential to share experiences and advice with each other.

Applications for Education
College Confidential is a good site for parents, student, and guidance counselors looking for college planning advice. A quick look at the discussion boards reveals that College Confidential has an active community of parents, students, and educators.

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Texting and Too Much Salt?

The third segment of today's episode of CNN Student News discusses the amount of salt in many restaurant meals. The segment contains a short interview with a doctor from American Heart Association.
The second segment of the episode features a report on states that are banning texting while driving.
Both of these segments could be the impetus for a classroom conversation about the role of government in the lives of citizens. Over the course of the last five years my ninth and eleventh grade students have always enjoyed public policy discussions when the policy is about something, like texting and fast foods, that is dear to their hearts.

New from Jim Gates - Gates Ideas

Jim Gates, winner of the 2007 Edublogger award for best resource sharing blog, has launched a new venture called Gates Ideas. I've been a subscriber to Jim's blog, TipLine, for over a year and continuously find it to be a good source of thoughtful ideas for technology integration. The purpose of Gates Ideas is to keep people informed of Jim's upcoming workshops and to share resources about teaching with technology. The resources section has a collection of model blogs and wikis. If you've enjoyed TipLine over the years make sure you give Gates Ideas a look.

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Learning Games Network Video Contest

The Learning Games Network is currently running a video contest for students age 13 and older. The contest, called "my aha moment," asks students to produce short videos in which they reflect on a moment when they realized a connection between a game they were playing and something they learned in school. The second part of the contest asks students to include in their videos, their ideas for an educational game. Winners of the contest will receive a new HP notebook computer. Read the complete rules and requirements here.

Search Cloud - Search Popular Sites With One Click

Search Cloud is a new search engine concept that allows you to search some of the most popular sites on the web with one click. Search Cloud searches popular reference and news websites for content relevant to your search terms.

Here's how it works; let's say I frequently visit CNN, The New York Times, and NPR for the news related stories. Rather than visit each site directly, use the site's search box, and then scroll through the search results, I can get the search results through Search Cloud. To use Search Cloud simply enter a search term then click on the website you want it to search for you.

Search Cloud does allow you to select which sites appear in the search cloud, but the options are fairly limited right now as the service is still in beta. Hopefully, they add more options in the near future.

Applications for Education
Search Cloud could be a convenient search tool for finding current and relevant news without having to visit and search each site individually. This may be a good way for students to do a quick comparison of how the same news story is reported by different news outlets.