Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stupeflix - Free Video Montage Creator

Stupeflix is a newer service that allows user to quickly and easily create video montages using their favorite images and audio clips. In many ways Stupeflix reminds me of Animoto, but there are a couple of differences that are worth noting.

Stupeflix allows users to drag and drop their images into the sequence that they would like the images to appear. Adding text to the images is easier in Stupeflix than it is on Animoto. Stupeflix offers only one default soundtrack so you have to upload your own audio clips. That said the advantage of Stupeflix is that you can use more than one audio clip within the same video. The one significant drawback of Stupeflix is that the videos you create cannot be shared as easily as Animoto videos can be shared. Stupeflix is still in beta so hopefully they will make some more improvements soon.

Applications for Education
Stupeflix is a good tool for students to use to create video montages of images. Stupeflix is a good alternative to old-style, boring slideshows. The captioning and editing tools are easy to use which makes Stupeflix a tool that most students above age 10 could use.

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Write Rhymes Provides Fun Times

Write Rhymes is a fun little site where you can find a word to rhyme with just about any other word. I tried to use words for which I couldn't think of obvious rhymes, but each time Write Rhymes came up with something. To use Write Rhymes simply type a word in the text box then option-click on it to see a list of rhyming words.

Applications for Education
Write Rhymes could be a fun and useful site for creative writing and poetry writing purposes (yes, I realize most poems don't rhyme).

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Save Paper and Save Ink, Use PrintFriendly

If you have ever wanted to print an article from a blog or a website, but wish you could do it without printing all of the ads and widgets in the side columns, you should take a look at PrintFriendly. PrintFriendly strips away all of the ads and side bar content allowing you to print only the article on the page. There are two ways to use PrintFriendly. You can copy and paste an article's url into the PrintFriendly homepage or use the PrintFriendly bookmarklet. I tried it both ways and much prefer using the bookmarklet as it doesn't require any toggling between browser tabs or windows. Below you will see two screen shots of an article from my blog.

Without using PrintFriendly.

With using PrintFriendly.

Here is a short video introduction to PrintFriendly.

Thanks to Mashable for the information about PrintFriendly

Applications for Education
PrintFriendly is a good little tool that could save school districts thousands of sheets of paper and gallons of ink over the course of a year.

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Fair Use and the Remix Culture

For teachers interested in learning about fair use and the use of media in the classroom the Center for Social Media at American University has some excellent video explanations of fair use. The video I've embedded below offers an explanation of fair use as it relates to creating remixes. In addition to the video embedded below the Center for Social Media offers documents about best practices for online video. The Center for Social Media also offers video examples of best practices.

People viewing this in RSS may need to click through to Free Technology for Teachers to view the video.

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