Saturday, May 30, 2009

ESL Printables - Worksheets and Lesson Plans

ESL Printables is a community for ESL teachers to find and share worksheets and lesson plans. I use the term community to describe ESL Printables because of its unique registration policy and use policies. To use ESL Printables you have to be a registered user. Registration is free, but to complete your registration you have to contribute a printable worksheet, lesson plan, or Powerpoint of your own. Every time someone downloads one of your submissions, you also earn points that you can use to download more materials.

Applications for Education
ESL Printables could be a great way to connect with other ESL teachers to exchange ideas. The message boards associated with ESL Printables seem to have an active exchange of ideas.

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NeoK12 - A Super Collection of Educational Videos

NeoK12 is a great collection of educational videos for science, math, social studies, and language arts. Each category is subdivided by topic. For example under the social studies heading you will find sub-categories of geography, government, industry and several more topics. Most of the videos come from YouTube or Metacafe. You could find these videos yourself on YouTube, but NeoK12 saves you time through their categorization of videos.

Applications for Education
Most of the videos on NeoK12 come from YouTube which may be a problem for those who work in school districts where YouTube is blocked. If YouTube is not blocked in your school, NeoK12 could be a valuable time-saver in your search for educational videos.

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Week in Review - 7 Most Popular Items

This week, thanks to all of you, Free Technology for Teachers exceeded the previous record for page views and visits in a month and the month isn't even over yet. Thank you to everyone that has shared a link a told a colleague about Free Technology for Teachers. Without you this blog wouldn't have the reach that it does today.

Here are the seven most popular items (based on clicks and views) of the last week:
1. Planet Science - Science Games and Lesson Plans
2. What is Possible With Google Earth?
3. The History Teacher's Attic is a Must-Read
4. Animated and Narrated Grammar Glossary
5. Four Free Tools for Creating Screencasts
6. What Does it Take to Climb Mount Everest?
7. A Great Glogster Tutorial

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