Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Learning Beyond the Classroom, produced by Read Write Think, is a collection of learning activities that students can do on their own or with the help of a parent. The activities are categorized into four age groups from ages four through eighteen. In addition to the learning activities, Learning Beyond the Classroom offers educational podcasts and videos.

The type of activity that you'll find on Learning Beyond the Classroom for students ages four through eight is a "Shape Hunt" in which children look for and identify shapes around the house. For the same age group there is a mathematics lesson based on a grocery shopping list. For students in the fourteen to eighteen age group there are activities involving blogging, story telling, and letter writing. Take a look at Learning Beyond the Classroom to find something that meets your students' needs.

Applications for Education
Learning Beyond the Classroom is a great resource for teachers and parents that are looking for ways to keep their students engaged in learning during vacations. Many of the activities on Learning Beyond the Classroom could be adapted for classroom use.

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Welcome to the Web

Welcome to the Web is a series of lessons for teaching young students how to navigate the Internet. There are seven lessons in the series although the first lesson is really just an introduction to the site. The other lessons in the series teach kids the basic vocabulary of the web, online safety, and search techniques. The series concludes with a challenge exercise in which students test their new knowledge and skills. Every lesson in the series comes with an optional worksheet in PDF form.

Applications for Education
Welcome to the Web provides a clear, easy-to-navigate format that elementary school students can use to get acquainted with the basics of Internet use. The PDF worksheets provide a physical record of a student's progress that teachers can track.

TubeChop - Clip a Section of a YouTube Video

If you happen to work in a school that does allow you to access YouTube, TubeChop may be of interest to you. TubeChop gives you the ability to clip a section from any YouTube video and share it. This could be useful if there is a section of long YouTube video that you want to share with your students. One such instance could be if you want to show students studying public speaking a section of commencement address as a model.

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