Saturday, July 4, 2009

Interactivate - Interactive Math Assessments

Interactivate is a suite of fifty-nine interactive mathematics assessments. These assessments allow users to track their percentage of correct and incorrect responses on each activity. Most assessments are designed for individual use although there are some activities that can be used by multiple users. Interactivate is produced by the non-profit organization Shodor.

Applications for Education
Most of the assessments on Interactivate are appropriate for middle school and high school use. The assessments could be used at the beginning of a course to assess your students' prior knowledge. The assessments could also be used to check for comprehension at the conclussion of a day's lesson.

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Week in Review - Most Popular Items

This was an incredible week for me. NECC 2009 was everything I thought it would be and more. It was great to finally meet so many of you that read this blog and meet many of you that made a financial contribution to the trip. Thank you to everyone that has subscribed to this blog and shared this blog with others. Without you, attending NECC 2009 would not have been possible.

If you just started reading Free Technology for Teachers this week, welcome. I hope that you have found this blog useful and will consider subscribing to it.

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Arlington: Field of Honor

Today is Independence Day in the United States. As we celebrate the day, it is important to remember those who have made independence possible. Arlington: Field of Honor is a National Geographic film that tells the story of Arlington and stories of heroes buried there. The film is available for free viewing on Snag Films and is embedded below.

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