Wednesday, July 15, 2009

IzzyTodo - Easy To Do List Builder

IzzyToDo is one of simplest and easiest tools for building an online to-do list. IzzyToDo allows you to make multiple lists for multiple objectives. Once you've registered create a "target" or objective and begin adding "items" that you need to do to reach your target. You can try IzzyToDo before registering by using the demo on the homepage.

Applications for Education
IzzyToDo is a simple tool that students can use to set goals and record their progress toward those goals. Breaking large objectives into smaller steps is a good strategy for some students who feel overwhelmed by large projects. IzzyToDo's design is ideal for those students.

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Diabetes Education Resources from Discovery

Childhood obesity continues to rise in the United States and along with it is a rise in diagnoses of diabetes. Discovery Education has assembled some good resources for teaching students about diabetes. On Discovering Diabetes teachers can find five lesson plans for teaching about diabetes. Teachers will also find three interactive models and three videos. The interactive models and videos demonstrate systems of the body are affected by diabetes.

Thanks to Discovery Star Educator and all around great guy Ken Shelton for passing along this resource via Twitter.

Applications for Education
These resources from Discovery could be great materials for middle school and high school health and science students.

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Update: the site seems to be down right now. I will post it when it's back online.

Using Blogs and Wikis are Core Skills

Following on the heels of my conference call last night about preparing to teach in a 1:1 environment, today I Skyped into a course being taught by Alice Barr at the University of Southern Maine. The course is designed for teachers interested in learning about technologies that they can incorporate into their teaching practices. A lot of the discussion in both calls was about the first steps of teaching with technology. In the short video below, I've summarized my first steps of the school year .

In the video I mentioned a blog post from Larry Ferlazzo, you can read that post here.

Teambox - A Collaborative Team Workspace

Teambox is a free service that allows you to create and manage a collaborative workspace for team projects. Within your workspace you can create a calendar of due dates, chat with team members, send emails, and most importantly post and edit files. If you create a group on Teambox, you are automatically the administrator of the group. As the group's administrator you can send invitations for others to join the group, determine who does and doesn't have editing rights, and monitor all group member activities in the Teambox.

Applications for Education
Teambox could be a useful tool for monitoring the progress of students that are working on group projects. Your students could also use Teambox on their own to coordinate the roles and tasks of each group member.
Teambox could also be a useful tool for teachers working on teaching teams to coordinate tasks that need to be completed.

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National Parks Picture and Video Contests

This September PBS will air a new documentary series from Ken Burns about America's National Parks. Over the course of six episodes the series will showcase America's National Parks. The series documents the history of the National Parks and the challenges facing America's National Parks. If you're like me and cannot wait for the series to air, you can view fifteen video segments on the PBS website right now. The series preview video is twenty-five minutes long while the other videos are much shorter.

As a promotion for the National Parks Service and the PBS series, PBS is running two contest this summer and fall. The video contest asks contestants to create a video of their experience at any national park. The winners of this contest receive a trip to any park of their choice. The photo contest asks for submissions of photos taken at any national park. The winners of that contest receive camera equipment and their winning photo will appear on the 2011 national parks pass. If you're not sure if there is a national park in your area, check out the National Parks layer in Google Earth.

Applications for Education
When the series airs in the fall the PBS website will be adding a section of National Parks profiles. These park profiles would be good to have students read before having them explore the National Parks layer built into Google Earth.

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