Thursday, July 30, 2009

Videos for Learning About Google Earth

The Google Earth Blog is one of my favorite resources for learning about new Google Earth developments, applications, and tools. Today, I learned that the Google Earth Blog has its own YouTube channel where you can find most of the videos featured on the blog. The Google Earth blog also posted today, a list of other places to find videos related to Google Earth.

Embedded below is the video currently featured on the Google Earth Blog YouTube channel.

Applications for Education
The Google Earth Blog videos could be a good resource for your own learning as well as for your students' learning. All of the options in Google Earth can be overwhelming for a new user, these videos may help clarify some confusion for new users.

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The Math Tool Chest - Math Games in Two Languages

The Math Tool Chest is a collection of educational games that I recently learned about on Fred Delventhal's blog. The Math Tool Chest contains eleven mathematics games and activities written in English and Spanish. The games and activities are designed for learning about the basics of mathematics including graphs, fractions, and money.

Applications for Education
Math Tool Chest could be a good resource for early mathematics learners. It could also be a good resources for mathematics students that are also ESL students.

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