Saturday, August 1, 2009

Edmodo Makes Enhancements - Launches v3.0

Edmodo is a microblogging service designed specifically for educational use. Edmodo has been written about twice in the past on Free Technology for Teachers and you can read those posts here and here. The best way to learn about Edmodo is to watch the video embedded at the end of this post. Edmodo has recently announced the launch of version 3.o. Version 3.0 includes real-time updates and threaded replies. These two enhancements will make Edmodo a better product for conducting private, online discussions with between students and teachers.

Applications for Education
Edmodo could be used for a wide variety of tasks and lessons. Creating an Edmodo group could be a handy way to remind students of assignments and tasks they need to complete. It could also be a forum for open discussion in an online course setting. In a one-to-one computing environment you could post a story starter and have each student add a sentence or paragraph to create a collaboratively written story.

25 Ed Tech Leaders to Follow

While I was at the MLTI Summer Institute, a great experience which I'll be writing about tomorrow, the Building Learning Communities conference was happening in Boston. I would have liked to go to BLC, but when comparing the cost of attendance versus having all of my expenses paid by presenting at MLTI, it was an easy decision. Hopefully, next year the two events will not conflict with each other.

The great thing about Twitter and social networks is that even though many of us were not able to go to BLC, we can still experience some of the learning that took place there. One such example is the posting on Slideshare of the presentation about ed tech leaders made by Lisa Thumann and Liz Davis. If you're looking for some new people to follow on Twitter or in your RSS reader, I highly recommend viewing this presentation. You can view the presentation below.
If you're viewing this in RSS you may need to click through to view the presentation.

The presentation contained references to many of the people that I have been following for a while, but it also had some new names that I hadn't seen before. I'll be adding those new names to my collection of RSS feeds and Twitter network.