Sunday, August 2, 2009

21 Must-Read RSS Feeds

Last week after my post about the Free Technology for Teachers FriendFeed room, I received a couple of comments and emails asking me if I would post a list of some of my favorite websites. Here are my 21 must-read RSS feeds. These are the RSS feeds I check first whenever I've been away from my computer for more than twenty-four hours.

These lists are arranged alphabetically only because my RSS reader is also arranged alphabetically.

Feeds directly related to education:
A Geeky Momma's Blog
Dangerously Irrelevant
iLearn Technology
It's Not All Flowers and Sausages
Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day
Moving at the Speed of Creativity
Nebraska Change Agent
The English Blog
Welcome to NCS-Tech

Feeds targeted toward the tech early adopter audience:
Ars Technica
Center Networks
Google Earth Blog
Google LatLong
Killer Startups
Read Write Web
The Official Google Blog

Three feeds that don't exactly fit in the tech or K-12 category:
Daily Writing Tips
Open Culture
Seth Godin's Blog

New Twitter Followers... I Am Not Ignoring You

Over the last couple of months my number of Twitter followers has almost tripled. On some days I get 50-60 new followers. I experimented with using auto-follow, but I ran into two problems. One problem was that I got a lot of spammy, impersonal direct messages. The other problem was that it sometimes looked like I was following adult "actresses." So I'm back to using the old-fashioned method of checking each new follower email from Twitter and then following back those people that have something interesting to say. What this means though is that it takes me a long time to get through all of the emails (I only look at the Twitter emails after I take care of the real email). So if you recently started following me and I haven't followed you back yet, please know that it's not you, it's me.