Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Five Sources of Fun Mathematics Games

Playing games can be a fun way for students to practice and develop their knowledge of basic facts. If you are looking for some mathematics games for your students, these are five sources you may want to explore.

1. Learning Games for Kids offers games for mathematics as well as many other content areas. Most of the games on Learning Games for Kids can be played directly on the website although some do link out to other sources.

2. Learn With Math Games is a site that I like because it offers online games as well as PDF templates for games that teachers and students can play in their classrooms. Learn With Math Games is organized by grade level and by mathematics topic.

3. Maths Week 2009 is currently underway in New Zealand. On the Maths Week website, developed by Etraction, you will find fun and challenging mathematics games. Most of the games deal with money and finance.

4. Gamequarium developed by Diana Dell (a great person to follow on Twitter by the way) offers an excellent catalog of mathematics games and video demonstrations of mathematics functions.

5. Primary Games offers a collection of mathematics games as well as games for other content areas. You can grab some of the games on Primary Games and embed them into your own blog or website.

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What I Wish I'd Known About My First Days on Campus

Over the next few weeks students all over the world will be heading off to college. For roughly one quarter of those students, it will be their first time on campus (not including those visitation tours). Unigo, a site that provides reviews of colleges for prospective students, has launched a new page specifically to offer advice to incoming freshmen. What I Wish I'd Known About My First Days on Campus offers incoming freshmen first-hand advice for transitioning to college life. The advice comes from current students in the forms of text and video content. Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to see all of the content.

To learn more about Unigo, please see my previous review of the service.

Applications for Education
If you have a child that is heading off to college this fall or you know students that are heading off to college this fall, Unigo might be a good source of first-hand advice for those students.

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Follow Along as I Read "The World Is Open"

Follow along as I post my thoughts about The World Is Open while I work my way through the 400+ pages of the book. Starting today you will be able to see my thoughts about the book posted in the Free Technology for Teachers Friend Feed room.

FlauntR - A Good Suite of Image Editing Tools

FlauntR is a suite of free, web-based image editing tools. There are five tools included in the FlauntR package. In EditR you can touch-up your digital photos. StylR allows you to apply digital effects like backgrounds and frames to you images. PicasR gives you the ability to blend colors, effects, and images. TextR can be used to add text and banner sot your images. And PrintR provides a postcard, poster, and printing service (you do have to pay for the printing).

Once you've registered for FlauntR you can easily transition between each of the editing services within the suite. To transition between services simply click on the tabs at the top of the page, you're not required to log into each service separately. The images you edit can be sourced from your computer, Flickr, Facebook, or the web. You can also choose images from Picasa, Bebo, or use the sample images provided by FlauntR.

Applications for Education
FlauntR is a good alternative to expensive image editing software. Using FlauntR your students can work on image editing from any Internet-connected computer.

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Lesson Plans for Teaching Web Search Strategies

If your students will be doing any research on the Internet this year, you should take some time to teach or review with them how to conduct searches. The Google for Educators community has nine lesson plans for teaching Internet search strategies. The lessons are divided into three modules. The lessons start with the basics and conclude with advanced search strategies. The Innovative Educator has information about an upcoming webinar on teaching web search strategies.

Common Craft's video Web Search Strategies in Plain English is an excellent introduction to any lesson on web search. You can view the video in Dot Sub form below or watch it directly on Common Craft here.

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