Sunday, August 16, 2009

Last Days of Summer...

I have one week left before I go back to school. It's been a very busy summer for me that seemed shorter than any summer break that I've ever had. Therefore, I'm taking off for a few days to go to Bar Harbor, ME / Acadia National Park. I plan to play "tourist" within my own state. As a part of this vacation I won't be bringing my netbook. But don't worry, I have plenty of posts scheduled to go live while I'm away. I just won't be able to moderate comments until Wednesday.

Support the Next NECC/ISTE Newbie

It's long overdue that I post something about Beth Still's NECC/ISTE Newbie Project. As many of you will recall, this year I was able to attend NECC/ISTE through the generous donations made by many of you to the fundraising effort Beth created. For 2010 Beth is organizing another fundraising effort. This time it is to send another first-timer to the NECC/ ISTE conference in Denver. Beth selected Jason Schrage to be 2010's newbie. Jason was one of Beth's co-consipirators (I mean that in the nicest way) in the organization of the Newbie Project that allowed me to go to NECC/ISTE in Washington, DC. Jason is a middle school teacher in western New York.

Please visit Beth's blog to read all about Jason and the fundraising efforts for the 2010 NECC/ISTE Newbie Project.

The History of Past Recession Responses

The New York Times has an interactive timeline chronicling how the US government has dealt with past recessions. The timeline starts in 1960 and continues through George W. Bush's administration. The timeline contains five audio segments containing economists talking about the strategies used by past administrations to stimulate the economy.

Applications for Education
This interactive timeline could be a useful resource for anyone teaching economics or 20th Century US History.

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