Friday, August 21, 2009

The Week in Review - The Most Popular Items

It's Friday afternoon and time for another week in review. As I do every week, I've compiled a list of the seven most popular items of the last seven days. The list is based on item clicks and views. If you ever miss the week in review post, you can always check out the Post Rank widget embedded in the right column of the blog. Post Rank displays the most popular blog entries at any given time.

Here are the seven most popular items of the last seven days:
1. Snag Films Now Offers More Than 800 Free Films
2. Ten Grammar Games and Lesson Resources
3. Food for Thought...
4. Good Insight On Teenagers' Online Habits
5. Ten Spelling Games and Lessons
6. Visual Representation of Bloom's for the 21st Century
7. - Free Mind Mapping Tool

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Ninja Words - A Super Fast Dictionary

Like the title of this post says, Ninja Words is a super fast online dictionary. Just type a word in the search box and Ninja Words almost instantly provides the definition(s). Ninja Words uses Wiktionary to provide definitions. You can get single definitions or type in a combination of words get and compare multiple definitions. If you're using Firefox or IE 7+ you can use Ninja Words in your search toolbar.

Thanks to Twitter user Ozge for the tip about Ninja Words.

Applications for Education
Ninja Words is a handy little resource for your students to access on their computers. You may want to link it to your classroom blog so that students can quickly look up words that they don't know while reading blog entries.

Here are some related items that may be of interest to you:
Wordnik Has Everything About Words
Leximo - The World's Multilingual Dictionary
Math Dictionary For Kids - Visual Dictionary

History Animated Adds More Animations

History Animated is a great resource for US History teachers that I featured in a post last month. Today, History Animated announced the launch of two new animations just in time for the beginning of the new school year. History Animated now offers animations of the Saratoga and Philadelphia campaigns during the American Revolution.

Applications for Education
The animations provided by History Animated could be great visual aids for students. The animations are a significant improvement over drawing or pointing to places on a map.

Chris Lehmann Talks to the FCC

In his latest blog post, Will Richardson links to Chris Lehmann's recent presentation to the FCC. If you're not familiar with Chris Lehmann, I encourage you to read his blog or watch this presentation he gave for Ignite Philly. In this video as in all other presentations I've seen him give both live and on the web, Chris raises some excellent points about the changes that schools need to make in order to best serve today's students. You can watch the video below, but I encourage you to read Chris's own notes about the presentation on his blog.

A Narrated Google Earth Tour of Afghanistan

If you teach world studies or current events, chances are good that somewhere in your curriculum your students will study topics related to Afghanistan. The CBC has created an excellent narrated tour of Afghanistan. You can view the tour using the Google Earth browser plug-in. In the tour viewers will learn a little bit about the history of Afghanistan and receive an overview of events in Afghanistan since 2001. The tour is six minutes in length.

Thanks to the Google Earth Blog for the link to the CBC feature.

Applications for Education
This narrated tour of Afghanistan could be an excellent introduction to a study of Afghanistan. The tour might also be used as a review of a lesson. This tour might also be useful as the model for students to use in creating their own Google Earth tours.

Here are some related items that may be of interest to you:
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Explore - Documentary Videos of the World
Flags of the World from Taking it Global