Sunday, September 13, 2009

By Request - Easier Download of 12 Essentials...

Since I published Twelve Essentials for Technology Integration on June 1, 2009 it has viewed and downloaded at least 7500 times. Because I've given permission to print it and distribute it through schools, it has probably been viewed many more times than the 7500. I know of at least one school where the principal gave copies to all of the teachers.

I published Twelve Essentials for Technology Integration using Yudu. Yudu creates that awesome page-turning effect for a publication. The only drawback is that when you download from Yudu you download a zip file. Some people don't like downloading zip files and in those cases I've email PDF copies to those folks. Recently, I put a copy of Twelve Essentials for Technology Integration on DocStoc. DocStoc doesn't have that cool page-turning effect, but it does have an easy PDF download option. So if you'd like a PDF copy of Twelve Essentials for Technology Integration, you can now find with a quick visit to DocStoc.

Twelve Essentials for Technology Integration -

Designs for Democracy

Designs for Democracy is an online exhibit created by the National Archives and Records Administration. The exhibit features drawings, sketches, and pictures that demonstrate the creativity and ingenuity of Americans through history. The exhibit is divided into three sections tracing the development of the United States from its early beginnings through the 20th Century. Each of the three sections contains images in the categories of symbolism, improvements, science and technology, and artistic expression.

Applications for Education
Designs for Democracy
is a good place to find images that can be used as the basis for classroom conversations or VoiceThread projects. For example, you could use the drawings from a sewing machine patent application to start a conversation about the Industrial Revolution.

Share Your Advice - Win a Book

The Best of Learning & Leading with Technology: Selections from Volumes 31-35is an ISTE publication edited by Jennifer Roland. The book is a collection of the best articles from 2003 through 2008 published in ISTE's Learning & Leading magazine. Each article appears as it did at the time of the original publication and is accompanied by commentary from the original authors who further discuss issues and topics related to educational technology.

I have been given the opportunity by Jennifer Roland to give away a copy of the book. To select who receives the book, I'm turning to you my awesome readers. If you would like to have a copy of the book (list price $35) leave a comment on this post containing your best tip for technology integration. Comments will be open until next Friday. I'll then post a poll asking for your vote on the best tip. Whichever tip wins the polling will receive the book. (The book will be shipped by ISTE).

Let's hear your best technology integration tip, we all have something to share and something to learn.

History of US Railroad Expansion - Video

The US History Teachers Blog posted this video last week. It's a good, short, video that succinctly explains and demonstrates the expansion of railroads in the United States.

Here are some related items that may be of interest to you:
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