Monday, September 14, 2009

Narrated Tour of the Erie Canal

The canals had a relatively short life-span as the primary commercial transportation system in the United States. The Erie Canal system was the first to connect the east coast to the Great Lakes. Although commercial traffic on it is relatively limited today, the Erie Canal system still exists and can be traveled. This narrated slideshow featured on The Atlantic takes a look at the origins of the canal system and the current state of the canal. The video is embedded below.

Applications for Education
This narrated slideshow about the Erie Canal could be useful for anyone that is teaching US History. The canal system could be studied for its role in expansion of industry in the United States.

Embed Google Docs Presentations in a Ning Network

Last week when I shared the news of Ning's new applications options, one option that I missed was the option to embed Google Docs presentations into your Ning pages. The Official Google Docs Blog carried the news today and you can read more about it there.

Applications for Education
Embedding a Google Docs presentation into a Ning network that you create for your course(s) could be a good way to share information and start a conversation around that information.

Did You Know 4.0 (Shift Happens)

Dr. Scott McLeod sent out a Tweet last night announcing that the fourth version of Did You Know? (also referred to as Shift Happens) was going to be released today. Well I just watched it on Scott's blog and now you can watch it too. This version was done in the same spirit as the previous versions, but has less of an education slant and more of a business slant. To learn more about the development of Did You Know? and see the previous versions, visit the Shift Happens wiki.

Tutor USA - Math Lesson Videos

Tutor USA is a site that offers a variety of useful links for mathematics teachers. In addition to free worksheets and lesson plans, Tutor USA has built a nice collection of video tutorials. The videos in the collection come from sources like YouTube,, and TeacherTube. Some of the videos are quick how-to videos while others are longer lecture-style explanations of mathematics concepts.

Applications for Education
Tutor USA could be a could source of supplementary materials for middle school and high school mathematics courses. The organization of Tutor USA's video section leaves a bit to be desired so I would find videos on Tutor USA then embed them into my classroom blog or website.

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Ta Da List - Simple To Do List Creation

Ta-da List is a simple to-do list creation tool built by 37 Signals. Ta-da List allows to you to create a to-do list in 30 seconds. Just sign-up and start building lists. Your lists will be hosted at a unique url assigned just to you. Direct your browser to that url to check items off of your lists or to create a new list.

Applications for Education
Ta-da List is a simple service that students can use to keep track of their assignment due dates.

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