Thursday, October 1, 2009

Build Your Own Educational Games is a free service teachers can use to create their own educational games. Games made on can be shared via email or embedded into a blog or website. (Yet another reason for having a class website or blog). provides fifteen easy to use templates with which teachers can make educational games for their students. There are also pre-made games on which teachers will find useful.

Applications for Educators
Games and puzzles are good review tools for students. The templates on are flexible enough to be used with students of most grade levels and content areas. Rather than relying on pre-made games
from expensive textbook publishers take advantage of the flexibility of the templates to create games specific to your curriculum and your students.

Some people are reporting problems with the site loading. As of 6:30am 10/2/09 the url is working.

What's Behind Healthcare Reform

This year's winner of SlideShare's World's Best Presentation contest is a slideshow called Healthcare Napkins All. The slideshow outlines the impetus for healthcare reform initiatives. The presentation also outlines the parties that have a stake in the outcome of healthcare reform initiatives.

Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo for the link to SlideShare's contest results.

Applications for Education
Not a day goes by that you turn on the news (be it radio, television, or Internet) that you don't hear a story about healthcare reform. If you're a current events or US Civics teacher, you've probably discussed it in class or you have plans to discuss it in class. Understanding the source of the healthcare reform debates and understanding who comprises the various interests in the debates can be confusing for students (and many adults too). This slideshow, despite some of its bias, could be a good resource to provide some background knowledge to your students.