Monday, October 5, 2009

Copyright Friendly - Copyright Friendly Resources

Copyright Friendly is a wiki full of links to copyright friendly images and sounds resources. With proper attribution (in some cases no attribution) the images and sounds found in the links can be used for websites, blogs, podcasts, and other multimedia presentations. In addition to the images and sounds resources, you will find links to resources for creating avatars, creating graphs, and creating concept maps.

Thanks to Fred Delventhal for the link to this wiki.

Applications for Education
Finding copyright friendly images and sounds can be a time-consuming task. The Copyright Friendly wiki provides you and your students with an abundance of excellent resources.

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India's Tigers & Kenya's Elephants

National Geographic Adventure is currently hosting a couple of engaging photo essays. India's Tigers is the photographic companion to a feature article titled The War on India's Tigers. Both the article and the photographs chronicle the efforts of an activist and government officials to end the poaching of tigers in India.

Extreme Elephant Tracking is a feature article and photo essay chronicling the 130 mile journey of eight men tracking one elephant across Kenya. Along the way the men search for understanding of elephant migration habits and search for ways that elephants and humans can cohabitate.

Applications for Education
These photo essays might provide an emotional prompt for a discussion of the politics and science of wildlife conservation.

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The Only Existing Film Images of Anne Frank

Thanks to a no-show by Time Warner Cable on Saturday morning I was without Internet access at home all weekend so I may be the last blogger on Earth to have seen this video clip of Anne Frank. The video is believed to contain the only film images of Anne Frank. The video was uploaded to YouTube by the Anne Frank Museum.

Applications for Education
The video could be valuable for anyone teaching lessons on WWII and the Holocaust. The film, recorded in 1941 according to the Guardian, represents the time in Frank's life before going into hiding. One simple activity you could do with this video is ask students why recording this film wouldn't have been possible later in Frank's life.

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School Administrators Never Saw It Coming

Earlier this morning while reading Wes Fryer's blog, I was prompted to watch a video of a Clay Shirky presentation. One of the "related videos" generated by YouTube led me to watch this video of Clay Shirky talking about hierarchy and leadership. In the middle segment of the video, Shirky shares the story of a student protest organized entirely on Myspace and with text messaging. The point of video is demonstrate how social media is changing the hierarchy of leadership. These changes are real. Teachers and school administrators need to adapt to the changes if they are to be successful educators and school leaders in the future.