Monday, October 12, 2009

Video - Recreating the New York of 400 Years Ago

Earlier this year, in May, I shared a post about the Henry Hudson 400 Foundation's Google Maps and Model Ships. In August, National Geographic had a feature that included an interactive timeline, images, and maps of the Manhattan of 400 years ago to which I also posted a link. Today, the TED Blog posted a video of Eric Sanderson explaining the ten-years-long process of recreating the Manhattan of 400 years ago in a 3D map.

Applications for Education
This TED Talk could be a good way to show students the things that can be done through extensive primary document research.

A Lesson In Snow, Skiing, and Media Literacy

One of the blogs that I read outside of the Edu-blog-o-sphere is The Mountain World. Last week The Mountain World had a post about ski resorts overstating how much snow they actually receive. In article, The Mountain World linked to a Dartmouth study (link opens a PDF) that proved that ski resorts overstate the snow fall by 23% on the weekends. The study went on to report that the exaggerations declined after skiers started to post real-time reports on skiing community websites.

Applications for Education
The Dartmouth study mentioned in The Mountain World article could be a good resource to bring into a media literacy lesson. You could have students recreate some elements of the study themselves by visiting the websites of ski resorts (they all report current snowfall) then visiting the NOAA website and comparing the snowfall reports of both sites. Then have students discuss why there are differences in the reports.

Image credit:Flickr user simpologist

A Couple of Succinct Explanations of Wolfram Alpha

Earlier I posted an announcement about Wolfram Alpha's Homework Day. I'm sure that many people are wondering what Wolfram Alpha does. To understand what Wolfram Alpha does and how it is different from Google, I recommend the following two videos.

In the last minute this video uses a word that is not safe for school, but the first four minutes are all that you really need to watch.

Wolfram Alpha's Homework Day

Next Wednesday, October 21, Wolfram Alpha is hosting Homework Day. Homework Day is an interactive session designed to show-off the uses of Wolfram Alpha for students and teachers. There are sessions during Homework Day designed for different grade levels. Throughout the day students and teachers will be able to submit their toughest questions. Teachers can also submit examples of their best lessons that utilize Wolfram Alpha. You can learn more about Wolfram Alpha's Homework Day here and here.

Applications for Education
If you're not sure what makes Wolfram Alpha different from Google search or you're just not sure why you would use Wolfram Alpha, Homework Day could be a good opportunity for you to learn about how you can use Wolfram Alpha with your students.

Cold and Flu Prevention Video for pre-K

Over the weekend I came across this short video designed to inform young students about cold and flu prevention habits. The video contains a short reminder from Elmo to wash your hands and sneeze into your arm rather than your hands. You might want to use this video on Global Handwashing Day.

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