Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Google Building Maker

Google Building Maker is a new tool for creating buildings for use in Google Earth. Building Maker provides basic shapes and models for creating your 3D model. To use Building Maker you must have the latest version of the Google Earth browser plug-in installed. The video below demonstrates Building Maker better than I can describe it.

You can read more about Building Maker on the Google LatLong Blog.

Applications for Education
The intent of Building Maker is to enable users to submit their creations to the Google 3D Warehouse. Using Building Maker could be a fun way for students to create 3D models of their communities for use in Google Earth.

Awesome Science Visualizations Videos

Early today, I came across a great piece published on Wired Magazine's website. The Best Science Visualization Videos of 2009 is a collection of videos depicting visualizations of some really interesting science concepts. One of the videos that I found particularly interesting was a "breaking waves" simulation. That video is embedded below.

Applications for Education
The videos in this collection demonstrate concepts in biology, physics, and chemistry.

A First for the Nobel Prize in Economics

Last week the Nobel Prize winners were announced. At that time I wrote a post about some resources for learning and teaching about the Nobel Prize. Today, CNN Student News contained a segment about a first for the Nobel Prize in economics. This year, for the first time, the prize for economics went to a woman (she was one of two recipients). CNN Student News has the story in the video below.

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Coltrane Animated

Here's a clever little video in which the sheet music to John Coltrane's Giant Steps is matched to the audio recording.

Thanks to Open Culture for the video.

Applications for Education
This video might be of use and interest to music teachers as an introduction to Jazz or listening exercise.

Back when I was playing the tuba in high school, listening to the audio recordings of the pieces we were learning sped-up the process of learning the music. The same is probably true today. If by chance your high school jazz band is trying to learn Giant Steps, this video might be helpful to your students.

Free Pearson Webinar on Literacy & Teaching

On Wednesday, October 14th, Pearson is offering a free webinar examining the impact of new technologies on literacy and writing instruction. I emailed Pearson's media representative for more details and I found out a little more about the webinar than is on the webinar sign-up page. The webinar is geared toward higher-education, but will also have some content of interest to high school teachers. The webinar will address writing instruction techniques that include writing blogs and wikis. There will also be a discussion of copyright issues. You can read more about the webinar here and register for the webinar here.