Sunday, October 18, 2009

Conflict History - Conflict Timeline on Google Maps

Conflict History is a good example of what can be accomplished by mixing Google Maps with a timeline. Conflict History provides a timeline at the bottom of a Google Map. Select a range of dates on the timeline and placemarks representing conflicts appear on the map. For example, if you select the years 1907-1921, every conflict that happened around the world in those years appears on the map. For major conflicts such as World War I, individual campaigns and battles appear on the map.

Thanks to Google Maps Mania for the link.

Applications for Education
Conflict History provides a simple tool for showing students when and where a conflict happened in the world. I can see myself using Conflict History as an introduction and or overview resource when my US History students are studying World War I and World War II.

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Kids Past - History eBooks and History Games

Kids Past has put together an easy-to-read World History "textbook" for kids. Kids Past also offers five history games to which students can apply the knowledge the find in the textbook. The textbook and games correspond to each other.

Applications for Education
The Kids Past World History textbook could be a nice supplement to a classroom textbook or lesson. A teacher could use the games as a review activity for students. With the congruence between the textbook and the games a student could have two browser tabs or windows open and refer back to the textbook when they get stuck on a question. Educational games like those offered on Kids Past can be super opportunities to assess a student's learning in an informal environment that they enjoy. Educational games are also a method of allowing students to progress at a self-determined pace.