Monday, October 26, 2009

Texas Instruments - Algebra & Geometry Webinars

Texas Instruments, makers of very popular graphing calculators, offers an extensive series of professional development programs. One such program is a series of free webinars about using their NSpire Math and Science Graphing Calculator products in the classroom.

Thanks to Tech Learning for the link to these webinars.

Applications for Education
If your school is using the NSpire Math and Science Graphing Calculatorproducts these webinars may provide you with some new ideas for teaching Algebra and Geometry.

Export Your Google Docs as a Zip File

Today, on the Google Docs Blog, Google announced a new option for saving your your documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. You've previously been able to download files individually as pdfs, html, rtf, and word files. Now you can export all of your data, up to 500mb, into one handy zip file. To export your files, select the items you would like to save offline, choose export from the "more actions" menu, then specify the format for your exported files.

Applications for Education
As much as I enjoy using Google Docs, there are times when I need to access and share my files offline. Having exported copies on a flash drive is very convenient when for those times when I want to share documents offline with my colleagues and my students.

Interactive Timeline of Space Exploration

NASA has an excellent interactive timeline tracing the history of astronomy and space exploration from the Greek philosophers through today. Planet Quest is actually three timelines combined into one. The three timelines cover technology, discovery, and culture as it relates to astronomy and space exploration. Each element on the timeline is narrated. Users can select individual elements on the timeline or choose autoplay to hear the narration of each item in sequence.

Applications for Education
Planet Quest provides a good overview of the history of astronomy and space exploration. The culture element could provide an interesting way to engage students who aren't excited about science, but are interested in what people thought at various times in history.

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One Click Screen Capture in Windows 7

Today on Tekzilla Daily they show us how to make screen captures in just one click on Windows 7. The video is embedded below.

Applications for Education
Screen captures and screencasts can be very useful for creating how-to documents and videos for your students. Creating a screen capture and posting it on your classroom blog can be a good way to provide directions to students without having to answer the same question dozens of times.

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Beyond Google - Improve Your Search Results (Repost)

I originally posted this on Saturday afternoon which is typically the time when the fewest people are reading this blog. Since Saturday, I made a couple of slight changes.

While working with some of my colleagues in a workshop earlier this week, I was reminded that a lot of people aren't familiar with tools and strategies for refining Internet search results. In response to that experience, I sat down this morning and created this short guide to 15 tools and strategies for helping your students (and your colleagues) improve their Internet search results. I've embedded the guide below in two different forms which you can download for free.

Click to launch the full edition in a new window.

Beyond Google -