Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Explore and Tour Presidential Log Cabins

The National Parks Service has created an excellent set of resources teachers and students can use to explore four presidential log cabins. The log cabins featured on the site Discover Presidential Log Cabins were occupied by Washington, Lincoln, Grant, and Theodore Roosevelt. Discover Presidential Log Cabins contains virtual tours and lesson plans based on those tours. The lesson plans are appropriate for middle school use.

Thanks to Liz Kolb for sharing this resource on Twitter.

Applications for Education
Discover Presidential Log Cabins could be a good resource for anyone that teaches middle school US History lessons. The lessons could also be adapted for high school use.

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iNudge - Experiment With Sounds

iNudge is a neat little web-based application that allows users to experiment with sounds and rhythms. iNudge features a grid of boxes. When a box is checked in iNudge it plays a sound in a repeating rhythm that you can adjust. The more boxes you check in the iNudge grid, the more sounds and rhythms you can make. When you're happy with the sound pattern you've created you can share your iNudge grid by emailing it or embedding it into your blog. I've embedded my creation below.

Applications for Education
iNudge could be a good little application for allowing students to experiment with and share sound patterns they create.

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Shamu and Stonehenge Now On Google Street View

In the past I've written about the possibilities of using Google's Street View imagery in virtual tours. Today, Google announced the addition of some great new imagery that is accessible in Google Maps Street View which opens up even more virtual tour possibilities. Some of the new imagery is of cities in Canada and parts of Singapore. Other aspects of the new Street View imagery include Street View imagery of all three Sea World parks in the United States. The new Street View imagery also includes tourist destinations in the UK such as Stonehenge.

Visit the Google LatLong Blog to see more examples of the new imagery available in Street View.

Applications for Education
Street View imagery can be a great resource for students to use to create their own virtual tours of places and regions. Google Maps are also great for students to go on virtual tours of places that they might not have a chance to visit in person.

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Obama's Speech in Student Terms

Today's episode of CNN Student News covers President Obama's speech from last night in student-friendly terms. The episode covers the rationale used by President Obama and the implications of his request for 40,000 more troops to be sent to Afghanistan over the next twelve months. The episode is embedded below.
Wes Fryer has an excellent post this morning about using digital tools to analyze President Obama's speech. If you're looking for some lesson ideas, I highly recommend reading Wes Fryer's post.