Saturday, December 5, 2009

Lessons About Lions

This afternoon I spent some time browsing through films on Snag Films and came across this classic from National Geographic. Lions of the African Night is an hour-long documentary about lions. As I seem to always be thinking about how things I find on the web can be used in the classroom, I did a quick search for more National Geographic resources about lions. What I found appears in the links below the video.

African Lion Facts
National Geographic Kids - Lions Video and Sounds
Lions Lesson - Quiz
Lion Population Decline Map

CBS 60 Minutes ran a segment in March 2009 about the poisoning of lions in Africa. That video is embedded below.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

If you're interested in a good book about Kenya's wildlife in a modern context, I'm currently reading and enjoying The Shadow of Kilimanjaro.

A related resource that you may want to explore is Wild Earth TV.

The Decade in Review from Newsweek

Newsweek has created a "decade in review" video highlighting the best and worst of the last ten years. I'm not sure it's "everything you need to know" as the video claims, but it's a good start.

Applications for Education
As the first decade of the 21st Century draws to a close, I'm sure we'll be seeing more videos like this over the next few weeks. After watching this video or one like it you could ask students what they would add to the video. You could also use this as a model for having students create their own "decade in review" videos. Students could use one of these tools for making their videos.

More Interesting Ways to...

Tom Barrett has launched a new set of Interesting Ways slides. Tom's Interesting Ways slide decks are collaborative projects to which anyone can make a contribution, just contact Tom. The new additions to the Interesting Ways series are Web Conferencing in the Classroom, Teaching Reading Comprehension, Teach Spelling in the Classroom, Learning Platforms in the Classroom, and Encourage Pupils and their Families to Visit Your School Blog. You can see all of the previous installments to the Interesting Ways series here.

Embedded below you will find a slide deck from a previous installment of the Interesting Ways series. If you have something to add, make sure you contact Tom Barrett with your suggestion.

Free Video Editing Webinar

Assigning a video creation project can be a great way to get kids excited about your class. When kids are excited about a project they will generally invest more effort into that project. YouTube is offering a free webinar that will teach basic video editing technique that you and your students can apply to video creation projects. The webinar will be held on December 17 at 11am EST. You can read all of the details about the webinar and register here.

If you cannot attend the webinar or you would like to explore some free video creation tools now, check out Six Easy Ways for Students to Create Videos Online.