Sunday, December 20, 2009

Google Apps Training Webinars

If you're school or school district is considering deploying Google Apps, Google is offering three webinars that may be of interest to you. The three webinars are Planning Your Google Apps Deployment, Getting Started on Google Apps, and Google Apps Directory Sync. You can learn more about each of the webinars here. Getting Started on Google Apps is being offered tomorrow, December 21, at 3pm EST. The same webinar will be offered again on December 28. Planning Your Google Apps Deployment will be offered in January. You can find the full schedule of webinars here.

Connect Safely - Videos on Safe Social Network Use

Connect Safely is an organization creating materials to educate students, teachers, and parents about the safe use of social networking services. One of the resources that Connect Safely offers is a series of educational videos. The videos offer quick little lessons about what can happen to the information posted on social network sites. I've embedded one of the videos below.

Thanks to Josh Allen for the link to Connect Safely.

Applications for Education
The acting in the Connect Safely videos may be a little cheesy, but they still offer good talking points that can be used in middle school and high school classrooms.

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Bill Gates Talks About Education

Through Kristen Swanson's Trail Blazer's wiki, I discovered this interesting TED Talk (they're all interesting) in which Bill Gates discusses mosquitoes, malaria, and education. The education part of his talk (the last eight minutes) presents some interesting fodder for conversation. One of the statistics that I found interesting was that obtaining a Master's degree in education does n0t significantly improve a teacher's effectiveness. In response to that statistic, Gates points to teachers reflecting on their practices and sharing their best practices with others. To encourage honest reflection on classroom practices, Gates advocates for video cameras in the classroom. While you may not agree with everything that Gates proposes in this talk, it will definitely make you think about what does and doesn't work in education. The talk is embedded below.

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