Tuesday, January 19, 2010

CoSketch - Collaborative Whiteboard and Map Tool

CoSketch is a free and easy-to-use collaborative whiteboarding tool. CoSketch can be used for drawing and typing on a blank canvas or you can draw on an image that you upload to CoSketch. You can also use CoSketch to draw on maps. The map drawing tool is nice, but not as easy to use as that found on Scribble Maps.

The collaborative aspect of CoSketch allows you to invite anyone to become a collaborator with you. To invite others simply give send them the link associated with your drawing space. You can can chat with your collaborators while you draw. When you've completed your drawing you can embed it into your blog, website, or wiki by using the embed code generated by CoSketch.

Hat tip to Michael Gorman.

Applications for Education
CoSketch could be a very convenient tool for groups of students to use to develop mind maps together.

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