Tuesday, January 12, 2010

HP Learning Center - Free Software and Hardware Lessons

The HP Learning Center offers and extensive list of cheat sheets and tutorials for learning how to use various software and hardware functions. In the HP Learning Center you will find information about digital photography including Photoshop cheat sheets. The "home office" front you'll find plenty of information in both print and video format about utilizing Windows 7 and Office 2007. Need to know how to secure your wireless network? The HP Learning Center has you covered there too. All of the offerings in the HP Learning Center are freely available to anyone willing to take the time to view them.

Applications for Education
Whether you're looking for cheat sheets and tutorials for yourself or you need something to share with your students and colleagues, the HP Learning Center is a good place to start. If your school has a PC-based computer lab, posting a link to the HP Learning Center on the browser homepage of all the computer labs computers would provide your students with a ready database of assistance.

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