Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mathtrain TV - Math Videos by Kids for Kids

Mathtrain.TV is a great video website that I discovered this evening by searching through popular links on Diigo. Mathtrain.TV is the product of students taught by Mr. Marcos at Lincoln Middle School in Santa Monica, California. The site features videos in which students explain how to solve mathematics problems commonly attempted by middle school students. Mathtrain.TV also has videos made by teachers. Many of the videos are subtitled. Below is one of the videos found on Mathtrain.TV.

Applications for Education
Mathtrain.TV is a great example of students teaching students. Even if you don't have access to video cameras, your students could create a similar resource using a screen recording service like ScreenToaster. Your students could also use VoiceThread to create how-to videos. Your students creations could then be uploaded to a class wiki or free website platform like Weebly.

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