Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stupeflix Alters Their Video Creation Options

Stupeflix, a video creation service that I like a lot, has recently made some changes to its service. The first change that current Stupeflix users should note is that Stupeflix has changed its video editor. This means that any video created in 2009 can no longer be edited. Those videos can still be viewed and downloaded, but not edited.

The new Stupeflix editor now offers three themes for displaying your work. A "classic theme," a "scrapbook theme," and a "holiday theme." You can preview the themes here.

The third change to Stupeflix worth noting is the length of free videos has changed. Free videos are now limited to one minute in duration. This is still twice as long as Animoto allows for free (unless you get an Animoto for education account).

Applications for Education
Stupeflix is a good tool for students to use to create video montages of images. Stupeflix is a good alternative to old-style, boring slideshows. The captioning and editing tools are easy to use which makes Stupeflix a tool that most students above age 10 could use.

If you would like to learn about some other free tools that students can use to make videos read Six Easy Ways for Students to Create Videos Online.

Update: I just received this comment from Stupeflix that I think everyone should see:

I am Fran├žois, CTO at Stupeflix.
We are currently preparing a specific offer for education, as a large number of people have expressed their love for our service, including some here at Stupeflix who are involved with the academic world.
We will get it out as fast as possible, sorry for the inconvenience during the transition!