Saturday, January 16, 2010

Week in Review - Mentioned in Washington Post

It's Saturday morning and a good time to look back at the most popular blog posts of the week. This week I had the opportunity to join Alice Barr, Bob Sprankle, and Cheryl Oakes on their weekly Ed Tech Talk show Seedlings. It was a fun time talking blogging and teaching. Some of you joined us in the chat room which made the experience great. If you missed it, you can listen to and or download the Seedlings Podcast here.

As I mentioned in the Seedlings podcast, it's knowing that so many people visit Free Technology for Teachers in search of educational resources that makes it fun to write this blog and keeps me looking for the best resources to share with you. This week Free Technology for Teachers passed the 16,000 subscriber mark for the first time. That has been made possible by all of you share blog posts with others via Tweets, emails, and word of mouth. Thank you.

Here are the seven most popular items of the last week:
1. Google Earth Layer About the Earthquake in Haiti
2. Creating Podcasts from Soup to Nuts
3. More than 100 Editorial Cartoons Lesson Plans
4. Need Storage? Get a Google Docs Account
5. Steering Clear of Cyber Tricks
6. ShoutEm - Create Your Own Microblogging Network
7. Biology Animations Library

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Update: Kathleen just reminded me via a comment that Free Technology for Teachers was mentioned in yesterday's Washington Post. Interestingly, the author of that column thought that this blog was written by multiple authors, nope it's just me. Thank you Kathleen and thank you to everyone who nominated Free Technology for Teachers for mention in the Washington Post's Best Education Blogs for 2010.