Thursday, March 4, 2010

Auto-captioning Available for All YouTube Videos

There are some good tools on the web for captioning videos and even a video sharing site, DotSub, created for the purpose of captioning videos. Today, YouTube made it easier than ever to caption videos. Earlier today YouTube announced that auto-captioning of videos will now be available to all YouTube users. To use the auto-captioning option just select the "captions" option after uploading a video. Then choose "machine transcription" to have your video captioned. Right now auto-captioning is only available in English. The process does take some time to complete depending on the length of the video and the clarity of the sound.

Applications for Education
Auto-captioning of videos will make more videos available to students with hearing impairments than ever before. Captioned videos could also be helpful to students who are learning English as they will be able to hear the words they're reading in English.