Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Google Bookmarks Gets Collaborative & How to do it

Earlier today Google introduced a new collaborative feature for Google Bookmarks. Now in your Google Bookmarks you can create lists that you can share publicly or keep private. One of the nice things about the new list feature is that you can choose to make some of your lists public while keeping others private. Just like with Google Docs, you can invite other people to share and add to your work. Lists in Google Bookmarks aren't limited to simple text links. You can add maps, images, and videos to your lists in Google Bookmarks. Additionally, any of your Google Docs files can be added to your lists in Google Bookmarks. Google Bookmarks can be added to your existing Google account so you don't have remember a new user name or password to take advantage of the service.

Embedded below is a tutorial for using Google Bookmarks including the list feature.

Applications for Education
Students can use Google Bookmarks to collaborate on the research process for a project. By sharing lists they can all add relevant links, images, and videos to one list that they then use to create a final product. As a professional learning tool Google Bookmarks could be used by a group of educators to share resources related to a particular area of interest. For example, I could create a list of US History resources to share with the other US History teachers in my district.

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