Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Paper Rater - Proofreading & Plagiarism Detection

Paper Rater is a free service designed to help high school and college students improve their writing. Paper Rater does basic spelling and grammar checks, but the real value of Paper Rater is that it tells students if their papers have elements of plagiarism. Paper Rater scans students' papers then gives students an estimate of the likelihood that someone might think that their papers were plagiarized. Some of the other useful features of Paper Rater are style indicators, word choice evaluators, and a vocabulary sophistication indicator.

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Registration is not required in order to use Paper Rater. To have a paper rated all you have to do is paste text into the "analyze" field and click "get report." I gave Paper Rater a try this evening and found it to be very quick in processing roughly three pages of text.

Thanks to Make Use Of for the link to Paper Rater.

Applications for Education
Paper Rater could be a valuable tool for high school students to run their papers through before turning them in for a grade. Paper Rater can make students aware of potential acts of plagiarism. Paper Rater can also make students aware of changes in vocabulary that they may want to make before submitting their final papers.

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