Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Week in Review - Most Popular Items

It's Saturday morning in Maine and as I do every week I've put together a list of the most popular posts of the week. Next week I'll be traveling to Bow Island, Alberta to give a series of presentations at the Teacher 2 Teacher conference. Some of the other presenters at the conference include Silvia Tolisano and James Hollis. I'm not sure if the sessions will be live streamed, but I do plan to try to record a couple of my own sessions. Look for those later next week.

Here are the seven most popular posts of the last seven days:
1. Turn Your Spreadsheets into Word Clouds
2. Nine Tools for Collaboratively Creating Mind Maps
3. Math Live - Animated Mathematics Lessons
4. Exploratree - Thinking Guide Templates
5. How the Web Works - A Slideshow from the BBC
6. Creating a Teacher's Online Hub
7. Putting Tech in Phys Ed - Google Maps Bike Routes

As always, thank you to everyone that has shared this blog with your friends and colleagues. Because of you, this week we came close to 2800 fans of Free Technology for Teachers on Facebook.

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