Monday, April 5, 2010

Comics in the Classroom - A Panel Discussion

Last week Jeff and Dan at Wicked Decent Learning released a new episode of their Wicked Decent Learning podcast. I finally got a chance to listen to it this morning and as usual the podcast was wicked decent. (For those readers who are not familiar with the New England usage of "wicked," wicked is generally used as an adjective to replace "very.") The latest episode, titled Comics in the Classroom, features a panel about the use of comics in the classroom. Dan served as the moderator for this discussion which was held at the Comic Geek Speak Supershow. The panel was comprised of three K-12 classroom teachers and a college professor. The discussion covered everything from the development of comics through clear examples of comics being used in the classroom. If you have any interest to using comics in your classroom, I recommend taking an hour to listen to the podcast. You can find it on the Wicked Decent Learning blog or on iTunes.

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