Monday, April 5, 2010

Learn About Owls & Virtually Dissect a Pellet

Kid Wings is a site designed to provide teachers and students with information and learning experiences about owls. The site has distinct web 1.0 feel, but none-the-less offers some good stuff for students and teachers. The highlight of Kid Wings is the virtual owl pellet dissection activity. In the virtual owl pellet dissection students pick apart an owl pellet, examine the bones inside it, then match those bones to the skeleton outline they've been provided. The names of the bones are read aloud to students when they click on the bones.

In addition to the virtual owl pellet dissection, Kid Wings offers some informational graphics about the anatomy of birds, bird photographs, bird call recordings, and some resources specifically for teachers.

After exploring Kid Wings I took a look at National Geographic's website in search of some more information about owls. On National Geographic's site I discovered a couple of nice resources about Snowy Owls. National Geographic Kids has a nice little photo essay about Snowy Owls and a map of the Snowy Owls' range. I also found the following two minute video about Snowy Owls.

Applications for Education
The Kid Wings and National Geographic resources about owls could be useful in an elementary school science lesson. After showing students the video of the snowy owl in flight, have them try one of the flight experiments outlined in teachers' resource section of Kid Wings.